Amrut Distilleries wins “World’s Best Whiskey” title at 2024 International Spirits Challenge

Amrut Distilleries wins “World’s Best Whiskey” title at 2024 International Spirits Challenge

Amrut Distilleries, headquartered in Bengaluru, has captured global acclaim by winning the coveted “World’s Best Whiskey” title at the 2024 International Spirits Challenge held in London. This accolade, part of the 29th edition of the Challenge, featured top whiskey brands worldwide, including prominent names from Scotland, Ireland, and Japan. Amrut Distilleries distinguished itself by securing five gold medals in the fiercely competitive “World Whisky Category,” setting a new standard for Indian distilleries on the global stage.

Recognition for Amrut Fusion and Other Award-Winning Whiskies

The standout performer for Amrut Distilleries was its flagship single malt, Amrut Fusion, recognized as one of India’s most decorated whiskies. Amrut Fusion clinched the prestigious gold medal and is poised to compete for additional accolades in the trophy category, further cementing its reputation in the international spirits community. This success highlights Amrut’s unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, solidifying its position as a leading producer of luxury spirits globally.

According to a statement from the International Spirits Challenge panel, Amrut Distilleries was praised for its outstanding performance in blind tastings, reaffirming the distillery’s dedication to producing whiskies of exceptional taste and quality.

A Legacy of Excellence and Growth

Founded in 1948 by the late Radhakrishna Jagdale, Amrut Distilleries has expanded beyond its Karnataka roots to achieve significant international success. The distillery’s triumph at the International Spirits Challenge underscores its blend of innovation and tradition in whiskey-making, contributing to India’s rising prominence in the global spirits industry.

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Celebrating Craftsmanship on a Global Stage

The International Spirits Challenge is renowned for its rigorous judging standards and prestigious awards, celebrating the artistry and skill behind whiskey distilling worldwide. Amrut Distilleries’ accolade as the “World’s Best Whiskey” at the 2024 Challenge not only reflects its ongoing pursuit of excellence but also elevates the profile of Indian whiskey on the global spirits landscape.

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